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The Pro Staff 97L v13 provides a lighter and more maneuverable frame for any player who craves the classic Pro Staff precision and feel, but prefers a more arm-friendly swing weight. This model comprises a new construction, Braid 45, that increases precision by arranging the carbon fibers at 45 degree angles for improved ball pocketing feel and remarkable stability through the swing. Modern design meets classic heritage with an exposed carbon fiber weave gloss finish above the 3 & 9 of the racket, a sleek black elastic base and a pair of red and yellow pinstripes along the throat for a look that marries signature Pro Staff inspiration with novel innovation.


Featuring a design that summons the heritage of the iconic Pro Staff franchise from years past, the all-new Pro Staff series enhances precision while maintaining the classic feel beloved by its users worldwide. The key ingredient: double braided fibers arranged at 45 degree angles that net incredible ball pocketing feel and stability.



Kollektion Pro Staff v13
Value of the size Nein
Querschnitt 23 FB
Kopfgröße 97 in² (625,8 cm²)
Saitenmuster 16 x 19
Unbesaitete Balance 32,5 cm / 7 Punkte HL
Besaitungsgewicht Nein
Unbesaitetes Gewicht 290 g
Länge 27 in - 68,6 cm
Serie Pro Staff
Spielertyp Leidenschaftlicher Kämpfer
Benefit Nein
Altersklasse Erwachsene
Gender (localizable) Nein
CTA Override Message Nein

Pro Staff 97L v13 Tennis Racket

CHF 280.00 Standardpreis
CHF 229.00Sonderpreis